Press Release:

Turing Technology Announces its Board of Advisors: Innovators, Disruptors, Thought Leaders, and Leading‐Edge Mathematicians

New York, NY. January 8, 2020 – Turing Technology is pleased to announce the formation of its new Board of Advisors, 14 executives from the worlds of technology, academics, investments, and business that are all fluent in the art of innovation and managing change.

Alexey Panchekha, President and Co‐Founder of Turing, defined the Advisory Board’s importance clearly: “As Turing continues to drive innovation into the world of investment management, having access to the expertise and experience of this amazing group of professionals, who are all game changers within their respective fields, is a luxury I never anticipated when we launched Turing three years ago.”

Alexey added, “Our goal was to identify and recruit proven technology, business and academic executives that have successfully navigated the challenges and opportunities that come with innovation and thought leadership, and can provide guidance as Turing heads down similar paths. We believe we have brilliantly succeeded.”

The Board of Advisors includes the following professionals (full bios can be found on the Our People page on Turing's website):

Bob TullPresident and COO, Procure Holdings. A true icon in the world of ETFs, Mr. Tull led the team that launched the first ETF (that became iShares in 1993), and has been instrumental in key innovations shaping the ETF industry over the past quarter century.

Ilya B. Muchnik, Ph.D.Scientific Director of the Yandex School; Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University. Professor Muchnik has been a long‐term force in the world of mathematics, including his 1964 paper on image recognition that became a main element of all Machine Learning. He has authored 5 books, 2 textbooks, and 200 academic papers.

Dr. David BlitzerFormer Chairman of the S&P 500 Index Committee; Public Speaker and Consultant. Dr. Blitzer is an established leader in the world of index investing, and in his impressive career received the 2012 William F. Sharpe Indexing Lifetime Achievement Award and was named the nation’s top economist in 1998.

Billy BeaneExecutive Vice President of Baseball Operations, Oakland A’s. A proven visionary and innovator, Mr. Beane was the central figure in ushering Sports Analytics into professional sports globally. His management approach was the subject of Michael Lewis' best‐selling book "Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game."

Avi NachmanyFormer Co‐Founder and Director of Research for Strategic Insight; Independent fund consultant and strategist. As Co‐Founder of Strategic Insight (SI), a mutual fund business intelligence firm, Mr. Nachmany championed a fact‐based research model that established SI as a pre‐eminent source of industry intelligence. Coupling SI’s data with his unique insights, Avi emerged as one of the most important thought leaders within the fund industry.

Kathleen Neumann, CFAPresident, Pegassets LLC. Ms. Neumann is President of Pegassets, LLC, a firm dedicated to the licensing of innovative and disruptive intellectual property to the financial services industry. She brings more than 30 years’ executive‐level experience in the investment management industry.

Elias AzrakManaging Partner, ETFx Investment Partners; Co‐Founder, ETFx Indexes, LLC. Mr. Azrak has been a pioneer in the ETF and Indexing space since 2004, and is one of the world’s most innovative creators of non‐ traditional indexes. Among his successes, his indexes were the basis for the first clean energy and water ETFs.

Gerard MichaelPresident, Co‐Founder of Smartleaf, Inc. Mr. Michael co‐founded Smartleaf in 1999, providing leading‐edge technology solutions in the emerging field of ‘overlay portfolio management.’ His FinTech company has since emerged as a leader in this space, with over $50 billion in assets under management.

Alexander Gammerman, PhDProfessor of Computer Science and Founding Director of Centre for Machine Learning, University of London. Professor Gammerman's expertise lies in Machine Learning, in particular techniques that guarantee validity of prediction. He has published 200 papers in referenced journals, and several books. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.

Frank MaselliKeynote Speaker, Financial Industry Expert, 3X Best‐Selling Author. A former US Army officer, Mr. Maselli is the author of three best‐selling books on sales and sales management, is a top‐rated Keynote Speaker, and has trained tens of thousands of financial advisors, wholesalers and managers at nearly every firm in the investment industry.

Albert Shiryaev, PhDDistinguished Professor of Moscow State University and Head of the Department of Probability Theory. As Senior Researcher at the Steklov Mathematical Institute, Professor Shiryaev focuses on areas of general probability theory and mathematical statistics. He has authored 10 monographs, eight textbooks and more than 280 scientific articles. He is also a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Kathleen PritchardPartner, Purpose Consulting Group; Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader. Ms. Pritchard is the partner of Purpose Consulting Group, a consulting firm working with financial services leaders that have the courage to think differently from the rest of the pack. She is a recognized expert in social media, client acquisition, and branding.

Billy BeanVice President and Special Assistant to the Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Mr. Bean is a former professional baseball player and accomplished author, and as Special Assistant to the Commissioner of MLB focuses on baseball’s social responsibility initiatives. Mr. Bean is on the Boards of LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings and LifeApps Brands, Inc.

Tim MullaneyBusiness Head of CAVU Securities’ Money Fund Portal. Mr. Mullaney has earned a reputation for successful entrepreneurism from within larger organizations. He built an innovative diversity‐owned money fund portal to $6 billion in less than a year, launched one of the first ever tax managed funds, and the industry’s lowest M&E VA product.

About Turing Technology

Turing Technology was founded in 2016 by two world‐class applied mathematicians with a long history of innovation and entrepreneurism. And in just a few short years, they have already begun using advanced technology to gain new diagnostic insights into how active investment management functions, as well as deploying that technology to reshape active investment management on multiple fronts. Key to Turing’s success are the Hercules Database (a first‐of‐its‐kind database capturing real‐time, daily holdings and portfolio weights of actively managed mutual funds; the Database currently reflects information from more than $3 trillion in fund assets under management), Ensemble Active Management (EAM) Portfolios, and Downside Volatility Management (DVM) Portfolios.

Turing is not an investment management or advice firm. It is a technology company that licenses its technology and Intellectual Property to investment management, insurance, brokerage, RIA, and wealth firms to allow them to create and deliver superior investment solutions.